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CoPrA liquid patch for tire repair

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Thanks to its unique composition, the CoPrA liquid plaster for tire repair guarantees a secure sealing of the puncture channel on the inside of the tire. The CoPrA liquid plaster should only be used in combination with the remaining components of the CoPrA tire repair system and only in accordance with our instructions for use. This guarantees that the tire will be repaired safely and in compliance with the StVZO.

What makes the CoPrA tire repair system unique?

Against corrosion

Prevents carcass corrosion thanks to the patented CoPrA additive

Secure thanks to regular testing

ECE R30, ECE R75, ECE R54, ECE R54

Compliant with §36 StVZO

Can be used with radial and cross-ply tubeless tires without restrictions

Environmentally friendly

Alternative to buying new tires

What can be repaired with CoPrA?

  1. Damage no larger than 6 mm
  2. Damage is on the tire tread
  3. Tires have not been treated with puncture repair agent
  4. No other damage to the tire

How can repairs be carried out with CoPrA?

1. Removal of the tire (exception: emergency repairs to the nearest workshop)
2. Assessment of repairability according to §36 StVZO
3. Repair according to the instructions for use

Who is allowed to repair with CoPrA?

  • Master craftsmen for vulcanization and tire mechanics
  • Motor vehicle workshops if they do not repair tires for more than 1664 hours per year (approx. 2300 repairs per year)

Repair with the CoPrA tire repair system

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