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Nur für Gewerbetreibende


Why CoPrA tire repair system

The CoPrA tire repair system is unique. With this tire repair system, you can offer your customers a safe, legally compliant and environmentally friendly alternative to buying new tires.

Against corrosion

Prevents carcass corrosion

Secure thanks to regular testing

ECE R30, ECE R75, ECE R54, ECE R54

Compliant with §36 StVZO

Can be used with radial and cross-ply tubeless tires without restrictions

Environmentally friendly

Alternative to buying new tires

Against corrosion

The CoPrA tire repair system offers you a decisive advantage over conventional tire repair systems. It removes moisture present in the repair area and converts existing rust into solid, inert material and thus protects against new rust. This minimizes the risk of damage from a rusting carcass, which means more security for you and the customer. The patented system includes repair body , vulcanizing solution and liquid plaster for cold and hot repairs. Both plugs and liquid patches are 100% self-vulcanizing and, thanks to "CoPrA", have an anti-corrosive effect.

Regular exams

The CoPrA tire repair system has been in place regularly for 30 years
High-speed tests with overload according to ECE R standards in the test laboratory of the TÜV SÜD tire test center in Munich:

  • 6 repair points per tire
  • 8000 km at 80 km/h and 120% overload on a roller (not a straight rolling surface
  • High-speed test up to 350 km/h for 2.3 hours

The load simulated in this way far exceeds that specified in the test for the approval of a new tire.
Furthermore, the load in our test procedure represents a multiple of the load that a tire is exposed to during its entire lifetime. A tire repaired with the CoPrA tire repair system is in no way inferior to a new tire in terms of resilience.

Compliant with §36 StVZO

The repair with the CoPrA tire repair system is StVZO-compliant. A repair carried out with the CoPrA repair system represents a permanent repair.
The patented liquid patch permanently seals the inner liner and repair body.
The repaired tire is ready for use immediately after the repair and can be mounted.

Environmentally friendly

The repair of a tire that can be repaired in accordance with §36 StVZO with the CoPrA system is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to buying new tires.
Tires repaired with the CoPrA system are 100% retreadable.

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