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Only for traders | Company vacation from December 13th, 2023 - January 7th, 2024
Only for traders | Company vacation from December 13th, 2023 - January 7th, 2024


CleanWeight adhesive weights in rolls

Original price €26,16 - Original price €92,53
Original price
€26,16 - €92,53
Current price €26,16
SKU KG70-3
size: 3kg
coating: Galvanized
No loss of space due to packages standing around! The NUOKA™ CleanWeights adhesive weights on rolls for rims are simply attached to a roll holder on the wall and therefore do not take up any additional storage space. When removing the adhesive weights from the rim, no adhesive residue remains on the rim.

What makes the Nuoka CleanWeights adhesive weights unique?

Removable without residue

No glue residue on the rim

premium quality

Anti-rust resistant in OEM quality & Made in Germany

Suitable for all rims

5g & 2.5g pitch

Residue-free removable from the rim

The NUOKA™ adhesive weights CleanWeights allow clean and time-saving work. You no longer need cleaning agents and save time removing the adhesive residue from the rim. With the NUOKA™ composite adhesive tape, the fitter can remove the weight from the rim with just a spatula! The adhesive weights can be removed in a matter of seconds and no further time is required to remove annoying adhesive residues from the rim with the help of aggressive, abrasive and expensive tools, since the NUOKA™ CleanWeights adhesive weights together with their NUOKA™ composite adhesive tape can be removed without any adhesive residues be removed from the rim. The fitter can start immediately with the next work step and saves time and money thanks to the use of NUOKA™ CleanWeight adhesive weights.

Nuoka CleanWeight adhesive weights

Premium quality - Made in Germany

Nuoka CleanWeights are produced in Germany and meet the highest quality standards. Thanks to their weight accuracy, precise work is always possible and thanks to their high-quality electroplating, the NUOKA™ adhesive weights CleanWeights have double corrosion protection. This gives you a rust resistance of 720h against red rust, which corresponds to DIN 50021 SS. This corresponds to the following standards, for example: VW-TL-244 12.2004, Mercedes-Benz DBL8451...11/05, Opel GME00252 11/05, BMW GS90010 2004/02. Furthermore, NUOKA™-CleanWeight adhesive weights are heat-resistant up to a brake disc temperature of 550°C.

Fit for every rim

You can purchase the NUOKA™ adhesive weights CleanWeights in both 2.5g and 5g graduations. The different weight divisions each have different heights, so that the adhesive weights can be optimally attached even if there is little space. The standard NUOKA™ adhesive weights CleanWeights with 5g graduation have a height of 3.4mm. Our extra-flat NUOKA™ adhesive weights CleanWeights in 2.5g divisions, on the other hand, are 1.6mm high. The color palette ranges from shiny silver to gray powder-coated to matt black and can also be expanded on request. So they match perfectly in color to every rim! But also with regard to the radius, every rim is suitable for the NUOKA™ adhesive weights CleanWeights. Since the adhesive adhesion of the NUOKA™ adhesive weights CleanWeights on the rim is excellent thanks to the specially developed adhesive tape, they cling to all rim radii without cavities. As a result, there is no adhesive gap corrosion between the weight body and the adhesive tape, which would cause the weights to fall off the adhesive tape, which is disruptive during disassembly and dangerous on the road. This is how the NUOKA™ adhesive weights CleanWeights contribute to road safety.