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Who is allowed to repair tires?

In our day-to-day business, we have recently received more and more false reports in relation to Section 7a HWO. As a competent and reputable supplier of tire repair material, we see it as our duty to offer you, as a trader, the necessary legal security to enable tire repairs to be carried out in accordance with the rules. In the course of this, after extensive research with chamber lawyers and chamber department heads, we decided to clarify who is allowed to repair tires.

§7a HWO tire repairs in car workshops

As long as you do not carry out tire repairs on the tread more than 1664 hours per year with our system in compliance with the guidelines in your company, every car workshop can carry out approx. 2300 repairs per year without any further need for action.

The ancillary business is also irrelevant within the meaning of Section 3 (2) HWO

If a craft that requires a license is operated as a so-called ancillary business, the specifications presented for entry in the craft register also apply. An exception to this is the so-called insignificant artisan ancillary business.

The obligation to become a master craftsman prescribed in the Crafts Code does not apply to the activity in question in the subsidiary business if the activity is only carried out to an insignificant extent. The activity must not exceed the average working hours of a full-time business in the relevant trade branch working without unskilled workers over the course of a year (approx. 1664 hours/year). This limit also applies to one-man businesses.

No further training obligation for master car technicians to obtain a partial exercise authorization according to §7a HWO

The target group that would like to qualify beyond the insignificant activities (as specified above) can of course do so. Legally, however, this is only a recommendation and not an obligation.

The complete statement including all sources on §7a HWO - Partial exercise authorization - May I repair tires? You will find here
to download:

Opinion §7a HWO partial exercise right


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