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Trügerische Sicherheit - Fachbeitrag in der Krafthand 03/2022 zum Thema Seal-Technologie - Nuoka

Deceptive security - technical article in Krafthand 03/2022 on the subject of seal technology

In Krafthand 03/2022, an article is dedicated to the cutting-edge topic of tire seal technology. As part of an article, our expert Dr. Johann Schlögl asked for an interview. The sworn expert for the tire mechanic and vulcaniser trade (special area: assessment of damage to pneumatic tires) expresses that he has considerable doubts about the usefulness of using seal technology for tires. The tires with Seal technology are heavier, driving comfort is reduced while fuel consumption increases at the same time

The Seal technology is designed to prevent air loss from penetrating screws or nails through the tread and liner (airtight layer) so that the tire can continue to be used. However, it can happen that tires with Seal technology also lose air. The expert takes a critical view of the repair of tires treated with Seal technology. The reason for this is that the inside of the tire can no longer be roughened due to the sticky sealant. This sealing compound also enters the branch canal, which means that repairs are not recommended.

However, he sees the most important disadvantage in the deceptive security that the seal technology conveys to the user. Since the seal technology immediately closes a puncture in the tire with the sticky sealant, the tire ideally does not lose any air and the TPMS does not detect any damage to the tire. The driver receives no feedback about the damage to his tire. However, the object in the tire can continue to cause damage inside the tire, leading to a sudden total failure. Undetected damage to a safety-relevant component would probably have a hard time meeting today's requirements for availability and safety in modern vehicles.

You can read the full article in Krafthand 03/2022, which was published on March 26, 2022, or access it online .

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