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If you care, repair - Everything about safe tire repair!

  • Was ist Vulkanisation und warum ist sie wichtig für die Reifenreparatur? - Nuoka
    September 28, 2023

    What is vulcanization and why is it important for tire repair?

    Vulcanization is a chemical process used to improve the elastic properties of rubber or rubber. Sulfur compounds cross-link the rubber molecules, which increases elasticity, increases temperature resistance and reduces stickiness. This process is crucial in tire manufacturing and ensures that a permanent bond is created between the repair body and tire when repairing tire damage.
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  • Welche Reifenschäden können repariert werden? - Nuoka
    September 12, 2023

    Which tire damages can be repaired?

    Many types of tire damage can be safely repaired. However, there are certain conditions under which a punctured tire can be repaired so that the tire can then be safely used on the road again. Find out here which tire damage can be repaired professionally and in an approved manner.
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